Training Methodology for Industry Readiness


Our whole focus and daily challenge is to provide the right training to the student, giving him the necessary skills as per industry requirement, practical exposures, expertise and insights in using  the computer software used in Engineering and Planning.  The existing course structure of civil engineering in universities just provides the theoretical knowledge. However, industries need the engineers to deliver like professionals right after graduation. There comes CETR into picture to bridge that gap and make the engineers ready to perform from day one. There is a huge need for professionals at industries and our whole vision is to bridge the gap between the demand and supply and take business on the next level. In the following we have detailed out the process under various headings.


CETR has strong core team of post-graduate professionals from reputed institution like IIT DELHI ,IIT ROORKEE, NIT TRICHY,NIT ROURKELA,SPA NEW DELHI,NICMAR PUNE. Our real power and strength is our CORE INDUSTRY LEADERSHIP TEAM. The professionals are having more than 8Yr’s of work experience from various industries like WSP, MWH-Global, IL&FS, RVNL & Govt Sectors. We have passionate and highly experienced  team that takes care of curriculum design and updating, recruitment, training and monitoring. They also are fully in charge to monitor our training goals and methods and implement the same with no compromise. They are driven by passion for the field at root and have set themselves the highest standards of delivery. This incredibly talented pool of individuals are constantly innovating, keeping up to date with latest trends, solving daily challenges, closely monitoring all the processes, and learning and growing each day for delivery and results. It is our core team that transmits our vision from top down and have brought a great success to our Vision Implementation.


Learning is a continual process and it keeps young. We always motivate our students that student can receive perfect knowledge within a perfect infrastructure. CETR is located at Jaydev Vihar ,which is the heart of Bhubaneswar. Thus the role of the faculty and branch head becomes practically apparent and it is here that proper selection and constant monitoring and training of faculty and other staff pays its dividends. Our own Vision and commitment to quality training ensures results because most people respond to positive leadership.


Our all courses are industry oriented & students are getting practical exposure. Our training is completely towards industry oriented & practical. We used to take our students for site visit & survey. The practical exposure helps our student to understand the core of subject. It is here that doubts are raised, and confidence increased. These practice sessions are meticulously planned in terms of step wise improvement. The whole courses are broken into different modules like Highway, Structural, Planning, Surveying & Software. Another advantage of this is only by mastery does the student feel motivated and learns further. Overload would destroy motivation. Finally it is practice that makes the learning fun.