Learn Estimating Professionally

Estimation determines the probable construction cost of a project. First estimation is done before construction starts for the purpose of making budget of the project or bidding the project as a contractor. Estimation also done during construction, for billing and material reconciliation.For estimate, an estimator needs complete set of drawing and project related information. This estimate shows required materials, labor, complete cost details and overhead and also contractor profit.

Building Estimation:

  • Understanding the role of a Civil Engineer.
  • Methods of Estimation
  • Quarry chart preparation
  • Lead Statement concept
  • Rate Analysis of all civil works
  • Specifications
  • Drawing Study
  • Quantity calculation as per structural & Architectural Drawing
  • All calculations using Excel Sheet
  • Material reconciliation
  • Billing of civil works
  • Bar Bending schedule
  • Bill of Quantity (BoQ) preparation
  • Invoice & Work order
  • Tendering

Road Estimation:

  • Traffic Survey
  • Traffic Analysis
  • MSA Calculation
  • Pavement Design
  • Site Clearance
  • Quantity Calculation of Embankment
  • Quantity Calculation of Sub-grade
  • Quantity Calculation of pavement layers
  • Earthwork Calculation of road/VUP/PUP
  • Quantity Calculation of (New Road)
  • Quantity Calculation (Widening Road)
  • Quantity Calculation of RCC Drain
  • Quantity Calculation of Toll Plaza
  • Road Furniture Calculation
  • Quantity calculation of Culverts
  • Quantity calculation of Minor/Major Bridges