Auto CAD is a computer-aided design software program used by professionals in fields such as architecture, interior design, civil engineering, mechanics and electronics.

Course Content:

  • Introduction to AutoCAD.
  • Drawing Settings
  •  Isometric Drawings
  • Perspective Drawing
  • Editing the Drawing
  • Annotations & Dimensions
  • Layer Managements
  • Selection Methods
  • Layout Management
  • Scale Setting & Plotting
  • Excel-Sheet Import
  • Building Cross Section Preparation
  •  Road Cross Section Preparation
  • Bridge Cross Section Preparation
  •  Live project

Scope & Benefits:

AutoCAD is most commonly used by drafters and other professions that focus on design and construction. There is a huge scope in Building, Road, Mechanical,Automobile & electronics industries for drafts man post.Some of these careers  are  explored  below .

Drafters  prepare  technical  illustrations  that  detail  the  engineering  and manufacturing specifics needed to build a structure or a product. An AutoCAD software program enables a drafter to develop and store a technical drawing. An advantage of using an Auto CAD  software program is that it allows a drafter to quickly produce design variations based on specific data. The major tasks  of  these  people  are  creating designs or sketches of buildings, structures, machines, cars or any  other  product  as  per  the  requirement  of  the client, with regards to various possible loads and constraints. After making 2D drawings of buildings/products and drafting, 3D modelling is done, which helps in making the model of the  actual building/ product.  With 3D models the client can see how the building will look after construction along with all the internal utilities and the external visuals of the building including the colors.